Prabodh Wankhede

I am intreested in studying computer science and find not much connection between IIT-JEE Syllabus and CSE. PCM forms basics of Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and various branches. But what about softwares and computer?

Pratyush Kumar

thats right why do they teach us those useless formulae wen we dont find any use of it?? compound interestis the worst one!!!!!!!

Manan S

Well there is usage of formulaes etc but only in areas of higher learning ... my elder cousin is in MIT - USA and he was here for vacation and taught me integration ... it was awesome and he mentioned about integration being used in chemical engineering.

Shrutika Havare

why do we have to study subject we absolutely have no interest in- atleast untill we finish the tenth grade.... it's totally gross

Arjun Singhania

i dnt hate maths,ya sumtimes,no actually most of the times it goes over the head,bt still its fun having sum healthy challenges.. dnt u agree..?

Arpita Singh

Lousy subjects is hindi, like literally students control their eye lids not to close when the teacher is sitting before them. And me, dude I keep controlling my yawning.

Rithu Babu

the subject i feellousy is social science.......with its dates , mapwaorks and long syllabus.......


No doubt, the most lousy subject is social and then comes hindi..

Kajal Kapur

i love english and hindi!!!!! too bad hindi wont be there 4 us nnext yr.........then i loveee sst esp history n civics... but next yr in 11th..... it wont be there:((


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I agree with you on some extent. I hate Math, too, but I don't think it's useless. If you want to have a job
[url=]According to Weed News[/url], you need to have a good Math background. A lot of their work involves math.

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Monika Jacob

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