Rahul Arora

Why are there so many laws in physics??? Newton's law, Gravitational law, Kelper's Law, Ohm's Law, Tangent Law.... ooff... bas bhi karo yar! :(

Sai Kiran

physics is the best subject....
i love physics...

Sai Kiran

physics is the best subject....
i love physics...

Sai Kiran

physics is the best subject....
i love physics...

Sai Kiran

physics is the best subject....
i love physics...

Sai Kiran

physics is the best subject....
i love physics...

Sai Kiran

physics is the best subject....
i love physics...

Sai Kiran

physics is the best subject....
i love physics...

Sai Kiran

physics is the best subject....
i love physics...

Manan S

Ya ... Physics is good but certain things are weird.

Sia Vashishth

ya physics is really a nice and interasting subject

Manan S

interesting but at times weird ! theorems are fine but what the heck in cramming them up?

Manan S

ya interesting but at times weird ! theorems are fine but what the heck in cramming them up?

Srinivasan N

Quite disagree with you @Manan s, theorems are not to be crammed. Some theorems are very interesting. QED.

Kiran G Krishnan

Maths is the best subject. All motion in the universe depends on it. Physics is also very good

Sparsh Logan Dutta

physics is the best subject to study about....
i took up science in 11th...
i couldnt understand chemistry...
but stood among the top in physics and computer sciences...
i just love physics.........
pls someone tell me where can i know about it more?

saurabh kumar

physics is the best subject ..... because it give the knowledge of universe ................. i love physics
cool friends physics is very good subject but u have to understand the concept.......
its saurabh prajapati

Liya Sharan

For under graduation and post graduation in Physics, visit the websites like NITs, SRM university, Lovely
Professional University, VIT university etc.

Surbhi Singh

IIT JEE Physics is the toughest of all but scoring as well. If you're getting confused about how you can crack IIT JEE Physics? Then, click here and get the expert's advice for free.

Shalini Sharma

Physics is based completely on concepts based and if you are appear for JEE Advanced then you have to clear your concepts of physics to get a good rank. To prepare well for JEE 2018 exam must solve JEE Advanced 2017 Paper because practicing makes perfect concepts.

Shalini Sharma

JEE Advanced 2018 is one of those exams which requires consistent studies along with the good resources.
In order to notch up the top scores and stand out amongst the many applicants, the candidates need to be well prepared.
Here are some best books to prepare well for JEE Advanced Physics. Along with these must solve IIT JEE Advanced Question Paper through these you will get an idea related to exam pattern.
• Concepts of Physics Vol. 1 and 2 by H.C. Verma
• Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
• IIT JEE Physics by D. C. Pandey
• Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker

Ritika Bhardwaj

Yes physics is very interesting subject, the advantage of pursuing physics is that it is logical and principle-based and involves mathematical applications. Here, there is no scope for rote learning so students do well in areas of IT, banking and other applied fields such as nuclear physics and nanotechnology. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics or Engineering Physics, students can pursue careers in research and development, science, engineering, education, etc. Those who want make a career in physics then go for graduation in physics, there are number of career opportunities in physics such as Laser Engineer, Optical Engineer, Research Associate, Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Technical Specialist, Web Developer, etc.
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