What is Personality?


Personality is the sum of an individual’s emotions, attitude, and behavior. It is the natural behavioral response pattern of a person in any normal situation. How one behaves, how one reacts to a given situation, how one carries oneself, the character that a person has, their individuality, the person that they are – all of this makes up the personality of an individual.


An individual’s personality is usually the first thing that we notice. All of us do a personality assessment of people whom we meet. Sometimes this assessment is done consciously; and sometimes it is done in the sub conscious mind without our even realizing it. Usually, while analyzing the personality of an individual, we tend to compare one person with another. However, this is where we all go wrong. It is important to remember that every person has a unique personality. No two people are ever alike. There might be similarities between two individuals, but the overall personality for each person is unique and distinct.


Psychologists say that both genetics as well as environment contribute to the development of an individual’s personality. However, which factor has a major influence on personality remains unclear till date. Therefore, the personality of an individual is formed by the experiences they go through in life and the environment that they live in, combined with their genes.


One of the main characteristics of personality is that it remains fairly consistent throughout one’s life. Though unlike aptitudes, improvement in one’s personality is possible, however, the underlying personality remains the same. For example: an introvert person might be able to mould his personality in such a way so as to be able to comfortably carry out conversations with strangers, but that does not mean that the person has changed from being an introvert to being an extrovert.


Another major characteristic of personality is that it is not reflected just in one’s behavior. Rather, personality can be seen in one’s thoughts, feelings, close relations and other social interactions.


Types of Personality

Different schools of psychology suggest that there are different types of personality. Behavioral scientists mostly use 16 personality types to analyze a person, and use it for diagnosis, career selection, soft skill development, etc.


Personality Type versus Personality Trait


Combination of a person’s behavioral response pattern leads to personality trait. Personality traits include behaviors like aggression, decisiveness, perfectionism, dominance, relaxed, practical, alert, honesty, introvert, extrovert, etc. Two people can have similar personality traits. However, that does not mean that their personality types are also the same.


Combination of different personality traits forms the personality. And combination of personality leads to a personality type. 2 people can have similarities as well as differences in their personality types.


The Map My Talent personality assessment analyses you across 28 personality traits and 14 personality types.


What is Personality Test?


The online personality test at Map My Talent is a scientifically developed tool which makes use of principles of behavioral science and helps in measuring the personality of an individual. The Map My Talent personality test has been designed by expert psychologists who have brought in their years of experience of counseling over 30000 students and combined this knowledge with scientific principles.


The personality quiz will take you through a series of questions which must be answered based on what and how you behave and feel. There is no right or wrong answer to a personality quiz. It is supposed to be answered in the most truthful manner of how one usually responds to a given situation. Only then the personality quiz test result will give the correct analysis of your personality.


How is Map My Talent Personality Test Different from any other Personality Test?


It is the most robust test covering 28 personality traits and measures 14 personality types.

It has been conceptualized and tested on Indian population across India.

It is a standardized test. Its reliability and consistency has been tested and proven.

It’s a culture free standardized test.

It maps a person’s personality for over 150 careers.

The test is taken in combination with an individual’s aptitude and interest, and does not give results based solely on their personality. That is why, the test report suggests careers and courses which are much more apt and accurate for the student, matching not just his / her personality, but also his / her aptitude and interests.


Why Should I Take Personality Test?


Each person has certain traits which are hidden and do not get revealed in one’s personality. These traits need stimuli from the environment or a situation in order for them to surface. For example: A fearful person who is often considered to be a coward has probably never got any opportunity to reveal courage. But this same person might show tremendous amount of courage when confronted with a situation of saving a drowning person.


There are also situations wherein a personality trait is often misunderstood by a person. For example: a person might think that he / she has no creativity. However, when this same person is asked to get involved in performance enhancing decision by an organization, they end up sharing the most creative means and ways for the same.


This is precisely why it is imperative that a person should know what their personality traits are. This will help the individual in bringing out their best wherever they are. Not only that, the person will also be able to make a more informed career decision once he / she knows what his / her personality traits are.






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